The new ViaSat® LinkStar S2A™ system is a two-way, bandwidth-on- demand broadband VSAT system designed with network speed and efficiency in mind. LinkStar S2A now brings you higher efficiency and data rates surpassing many other TDMA systems. LinkStar S2A combines broadband access and a high-speed return channel to satisfy your bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite

Since its introduction, the LinkStar S2A VSAT system has been built on a foundation of open standard DVB technology including a DVB-S or DVB-S2 forward link. The new and innovative LinkStar S2A DVB-S2 technology includes advanced Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) coding for ultra-low Eb/No performance near Shannon’s theoretical limit. That, combined with 8PSK and 16APSK modulation, provides bandwidth reductions of up to 30% below traditional values. Our newly available Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) technology provides rain fade mitigation and reduces the satellite bandwidth requirement for downstream traffic by up to 63%. Dynamic Link Adaptation (DLA) provides rain fade mitigation on the return link while reducing satellite bandwidth by nearly 20%.

The LinkStar S2A system offers satellite link speeds up to 126 Mbps on the downstream and up to 4.2 Mbps on the upstream channels to the hub. With this high upstream channel capacity, remote sites can be server locations, content providers, multimedia sources, video teleconferencing participants, and corporate headquarters.

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