SkyVista Satellite is committed to delivering the highest level of broadband services at the lowest possible cost,
while ensuring each and every one of our client's locations and applications meet and exceed requirements.

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SkyVista supports a variety of applications that other satellite service providers cannot and provides excellent coverage across North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Additionally, our leading edge technology uses Error Correction Techniques to minimize weather-related performance degradation.

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SkyVista’s service is the perfect solution for large retail, reservation and transactional businesses yet is competitively priced for the smaller enterprise.

With over 30 years of experience in the satellite industry, SkyVista has continued its growth in the satellite equipment market by concentrating its efforts toward the satellite specialist retailer.

SkyVista Satellite offers a Broadband Internet & VOIP solutions in remote locations where normal Internet & phone access is not available.

SkyVista Satellite is a high-end solution for enterprise applications, as well as, home-based business and residential applications.

SkyVista is proud to launch the iDirect Evolution X3 Service. High-speed, high-efficiency IP broadband connectivity. Learn More. Evolution® X3 is the next-generation satellite router featuring iDirect’s highly efficient implementation of the DVB-S2 standard.

The Evolution® X3 Satellite Router is ideally suited for broadband requirements such as Internet and VPN access to enterprise networks, as well as real-time VoIP and video conferencing.

Seamlessly increase users and locations all from one reliable platform.

Affordable Internet services at industry-leading monthly prices and a low upfront cost for equipment and installation.